How to Make Your Own Website Without a Host

Creating a new website without an actual valid host is not possible to be done, because for your website to be visible online, it needs to be connected to a web hosting platform. A web host is the passage to get your own online space or what is technically called a server space in order to securely store your image and content file that is the framework of your new website. However, if you worry about the cost of building your own domain and you’re looking for a way to launch your website without spending money, then you can choose to register your website in a free web hosting platforms, but it does have consequences in the long run.

Sign up in a free web host platforms

There are many free web hosting platforms all around the world that you can choose from to create a subdomain name. It is free because you will not be paying for something that you don’t actually own. The web host is the owner of the domain and they have the power to do whatever they want with your website, like delete it.

Risks of not having a domain name and domain extension

Though it will cost your business money in creating your own domain name and buying a domain name extension, it is money that you will never regret spending. Free web host providers can close one day, and since your website is a subdomain, your website will close with them. You will lose all your visitors, customers, and your whole website will be gone. It doesn’t matter if you saved a copy of everything, since the URL will no longer exist, and your valued site visitors will receive an error whenever they click on their bookmarked page.

Allocate money on your own domain name so you will be protected from unforeseen deletion of your website. Because you may argue that free web hosting is the most cost-effective plan for your website now, but you will pay the huge price later on. And besides, the uncertainly of not knowing what will happen to your free website subdomain is not something that you want to stress about every hour of every day.

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